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Kuraray PLA chocololate tray

18 pioneers in confectionery packaging

Premium packaging, high convenience and true novelty are among the strategies to attract tomorrow’s sweet tooth.

At the Hi Europe 2016 New Product Zone curated by Innova Market Insights, the confectionery packaging on display gave a glimpse of indulgence in modern times.

  1. Swiss Chocolate (United Kingdom)

Company: Marks and Spencer

Manufacturer: Kuraray (Plantic)

Assortment of chocolates on a 100% compostable tray made from polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is usually made form renewable sources, in this case it comes from corn starch. The tray will dissolve in water in compostable mediums.

2. Divini (Hong King)

Company: Divini

Brand: Rio

(Divini) Rio's new tea candy, a sugarless xylitol candy in a reclosable plastic container enclosed in a metal tin resembling a jewellery box.

3. Doublemint Chewing Gum (China)

Company: Mars

Brand: Wrigley

Reclosable plastic container, ideal for when you’re on the go.

4. Caramel Fizz (United Kingdom)

Company: Sugar Sin

High-end packaging design with metallic effect.

5. Chewing Gum (China)

Company: Mars

Brand: Wrigley's 5

Wrigley 5’s sleek, plastic packaging for the Chinese market features an opening merged with the brand’s logo.

6. Plastic Container (Hong Kong)

Manufacturer: PacZone

Plastic container made to look like an ice popsicle.

7. Belvas Belgian Chocolate (Belgium)

Company: Belvas

This bag is handmade from natural raphia fibre in Madagascar. All the bags are bought directly by Belvas to ensure the money goes directly to the producers.

8. Baobites (United States)

Company: Baobest

Baobab bites in a plastic packet. The packaging features a modern design and matt texture.

9. Tic Tac (Canada)

Company: Ferrero

Plastic container designed to be refilled with Tic Tacs. Seasonal designs are also available.

10. Choco Twizz Chocolat Noir (France)

Company: Auchan

Tearing the package open in the middle turns it into a nice product display. The front of the box also features braille for visually impaired people.

11. Candy Pizza (Germany)

Company: Perfetti Van Melle

Brand: Look-O-Look

Candy mimicking a pizza, packed in an Italian-style pizza box.

12. Hot Mints (Global)

Company: Rivo

Uniquely shaped mental tin, fun and stylish.

13. Cinnamon Mints (United States)

Company: Walgreens

Brand: Nice

Exclamation mark-shaped metal tin.

14. Orangettes (Belgium)

Company: CS Cosijns

Cylindrical premium stylish packaging with a carton lid that allows repeated opening and closing of the package.

15. Truffes Fantasie with Crepes Dentelles (France)

Company: Chocolat Mathez

Original paperboard box design with handle.

16. Stimorol Original (France)

Company: Kraft Mondelez

Stimorol chewing gum with a new, easier way to open the product.

17. Belgian Milk Chocolate Truffles (United States)

Company: Suntory

Brand: Skinnygirl Sparklers

The individual servings are packed in a resealable pouch with a convenient pull-to-open system and transparent sides that allow consumers to view the individual servings.

18. Dove (China)

Company: Mars

Elegant, slim and re-closable plastic container which is easy to carry.

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