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About Fi Global Insights

Fi Global Insights


Fi Global Insights provides in-depth and insightful analysis about the latest ingredient innovations, R&D breakthroughs, processing technologies, regulatory developments, and sustainable sourcing strategies, ensuring food & beverage professionals are one step ahead.

Our newsletter delivers food ingredient analysis straight to subscribers’ inboxes while the year-round Fi Webinar Series brings together industry experts and thought leaders for interactive deep dive days on the most important industry issues.

From the Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge to our Fi Webinar Series and Women in Food series, we connect the most innovative people working on food ingredients and their applications, helping them to share their insights both online and in-person at Fi Europe. 

Meet our team


Angelique Cachia

Senior Content &
Digital Director


headshot NM.jpg

Niamh Michail

Head of Publishing



Izabela Makos

Content & Digital
Project Manager



Lucy Whittaker

Senior Content Producer



Sarah Pursey

Senior Editor -
Custom & Sponsored Content



Emiliano Pena

Senior Content Producer



Kirstin Knight

Senior Content Editor


Rik Moors.png

Rik Moors

Content Editor - Food


Tessa Wiles Photo.jpg

Tessa Wiles

Content Editor - Food


Martyna Halas.png

Martyna Halas

Content Producer – Startup Challenge



Leigh-Ann Ledertheil

Content Project Executive - Food



Josie McCartney

Content Project Executive



Wilmari Wilsnach

Senior Digital Executive



Kemit Shah

Digital Executive - Food



Anna Miansaryan

Customer Success Executive



Inês Reis

Digital Executive - Food



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