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Give your fermented protein drinks a clear head start [Download]

Fermented protein beverages are rising in popularity as more consumers make efforts to strengthen their health and wellbeing. Made for the ready-to-drink segment, products such as kombucha and drinking yoghurt are gaining traction as healthier alternatives to regular soft drinks.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve developed a 100% whey-based hydrolysate solution to give fermented protein beverages a novel refreshing twist.

More healthy appeal

Our hydrolysate solution is both easy to digest and minimises the cloudiness and sedimentation that often occurs when protein is added to fermented drinks. It also supports the growth and viability of beneficial bacteria strains and is suitable for use with thermophilic or mesophilic starter cultures.

Try our new protein in recipes for higher-clarity fermented drinks or kombucha-style fermented beverages – all simple to produce on a standard yoghurt line.

Your product benefits

  • Refreshing quality with improved clarity
  • No sedimentation
  • Easily digestible protein
  • Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria strains
  • Lactose-free

Download the handout to learn more.

Download the handout