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8 new Asian functional beverages

The Asian beverage market is experiencing a significant increase in demand for beverages with functional ingredients.

The growing demand for healthy alternatives has led to new products that target stress relief, digestive and immune health. Below some examples for the Asian market.*

1. Good Night Drink’n’Dream Relaxation Drink (South Korea)

Company: Good Night Drink

A carbonated soft drink containing a combination of ingredients including lemon balm and hops. Helps to relieve stress and improve sleep quality. Contains no artificial preservatives, colours or sugars.

2. Mala’s Cumin Cordial (India)

Company: Mala’s Fruit Products

Made with cumin and limes and is used to make cocktails, mocktails and sherbat. Said to be good for the digestive system.

3.Temptas Mango Juice Powder (India)

Company: Sri Family

100% natural juice powder with essential nutrients that contains no preservatives or artificial colours. Enriched with vitamins and minerals to support immune health.

4. Dindayal Premium Thandai Concentrate (India)

Company: Dindayal Industries

A natural product made with almonds, saffron, pistachios and other natural ingredients. A traditional drink especially prepared for hot weather that is a perfect thirst quencher and healthy refresher.

5. Thirukochi Premium Neera Natural Energy Health Drink (India)

Company: Thirukochi Coconut Producer Company

Diabetic-friendly due to low Glycemic index and free from any added sugar. A rich source of minerals, 17 amino acids with higher Argine, Cysteine & Tyrosine, Vitamin C, Broad spectrum B Vitamins and has nearly neutral PH. Produced from the inflorescence of coconut palms.

6. Fruit Tree Fresh Wonders Zesty Lime with Organic Chia Seeds Juice (Singapore)

Company: F&N Foods

Made from 100% juice with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. High in antioxidant Vitamin C that contributes to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Contains chia seeds, which are natural antioxidants and contain Omega-3 and six types of fatty acids.

7. Antidote Pineapple Spearmint Flavoured Chia Bomb Lemonade (India)

Company: Antidote

Naturally sweetened organic drink. Revs up metabolism: high in dietary fibre, source of complete protein (4.5g per ounce) and all essential amino acids, rich in Omega-3 ALAs. Boosts energy with 3x the iron of spinach, 5x the calcium of milk, 2x potassium of bananas and 2x the antioxidants of blueberries.

8. Super NutreMill Smart Grains Wholegrain Blueberry & Apple Bits Soy Beverage (Singapore)

Company: Super Food Marketing

A blend of fruits, flaxseed, soy and whole grains. Naturally cholesterol-free soy bean beverage with oats and cereal for extra energy; blueberries and apples rich in vitamins and minerals. Contains flaxseed which has essential heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

*All product information and images are sourced from Mintel’s GNPD (Global New Products Database), which can be visited at

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