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Panel discussion: Plant-based proteins - getting it right

Video-Panel discussion: Plant-based proteins - getting it right

The plant-based protein trend has been on the rise as consumers have become more concerned with the environment, as well as with their own personal health. Getting it right in the eye of the consumers, however, remains a complicated task as any protein alternative will need to provide a taste experience which has the ability to satisfy their taste buds.

During the Fi Conference at Fi Europe 2019, Jon Benninger, Vice President at Informa Markets moderated our panel of experts, which included Udi Lazimy (JUST), Julian Mellentin (New Nutrition Business), and Tiia Morsky (Campden BRI), where they explored some of the greatest challenges that exist for companies operating in the plant-based proteins market.

Some of the key takeaways gained from these experts were:

  • When it comes to plant-based protein, you need to get the functionality, texture, taste, and consumer experience just right
  • Sustainability is a megatrend, but remains difficult due to the perception of consumers
  • There is a need for more novel ingredients in this market, but understanding the right sources to buy your ingredients from is very important, especially where scalability is concerned
  • Knowing your target audience remains of utmost importance – you are most likely to succeed if you are able to market your product to the global community

Watch the full discussion here for further insights and considerations from our panel of experts that could help you get it right in the plant-based protein market.