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Pushing the boundaries of plant-based at Fi Europe 2023 [Report]

A dietary shift towards plant-based food consumption patterns is advocated for sustainable, health and ethical reasons. Global consumers are responding, with a growing proportion of people following diets centred around the avoidance or moderation of animal produce and a greater focus on plant-based food solutions.

However, challenges remain when creating plant-based products that replicate the taste, texture, appearance, and even nutritional profile of meat, dairy, eggs, fish, and seafood.

Download this free report to read about some of the latest ingredient innovations that are helping brands improve plant-based products.


  • Daring to replicate dairy
  • Keep it clean – or risk the ultra-processed backlash
  • Meat me in the middle: The importance of familiar formats
  • Analogues: Health halo or nutritional no-go?
  • Leveraging fortification
  • Key takeaways


Pushing the boundaries of plant-based at Fi Europe 2023 [Report]