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How to create a plant-based brand that stands out from the crowd [Video]

Video-How to create a plant-based brand that stands out from the crowd [Video]

Total investments in plant-based meat, dairy, and egg alternative brands have reached a staggering $6.4 billion, according to SPINS data – but who will be tomorrow’s winners in plant-based and what are the critical factors for success? The Fi plant-based webinar on 24 January can help your brand find the answers.

Almost one-third of people globally identify as flexitarian, according to FMCG Gurus, and demand for plant-based food and drink is surging. However, with this huge opportunity comes a challenge for food scientists, product developers, and marketers alike.

The category, although still small compared to traditional meat, dairy, and eggs, is becoming increasingly crowded. How can brands differentiate themselves and create a narrative that is relevant to consumers who want it all: health, taste, sustainability, and authenticity?

The Fi webinar, Who will be tomorrow's winners in plant-based?, held on 24 January will answer these questions, and more.

Brought to you by Fi Global Insights as part of the Fi Webinar Series and with the support of our content partner, the Healthy Marketing Team, this webinar day will highlight the strategies plant-based brands must deploy in order to stay relevant in a fast-evolving category.

With two expert presentations from Anders Carleö, creative director at Healthy Marketing Team and Aurore de Monclin, head of consulting at Healthy Marketing Team, followed by a live panel discussion with both, manufacturers can look forward to valuable insights regarding consumer demands, market outlooks, branding strategies, and how to create plant-based products that resonate with consumers.