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How to develop beverages that satisfy consumer demand

Article-How to develop beverages that satisfy consumer demand

© Fi Global FiWS: Flavour and colour innovations across the beverages market - 13 June
How a product tastes and looks is key in driving consumer demand in the beverages space. Join the free Fi Webinar Series webinar on flavour and colour innovations in the beverages market to ensure your brand is aligned with the latest industry trends and innovations.

Consumers today are more concerned about their personal health and the health of the planet than ever before. Nevertheless, taste remains front of mind when it comes to making purchasing decisions at the supermarket. With ‘taste temptation’ a top Mintel trend for 2023, consumers are seeking indulgent and pleasurable flavour experiences, but at a reduced health and financial cost.

Market research expert Innova Market Insights once described colours and flavours as the “superheroes” of product success. The Fi Webinar Series webinar on beverage innovations on 13 June will arm brands with the latest insights and know-how on developing and launching beverages that align with changing consumer demands.

With two expert presentations and a live panel discussion featuring key players in the beverages industry, the webinar, flavour and colour innovations across the beverages market, will explore the latest trends, innovations, and technologies that brands should keep front-of-mind when developing and launching products in the beverages space.

Flavour and colour innovations often align with key trends, including the rise of plant-based, functional, and mood-enhancing beverages. Flavour is the number one attribute driving consumer purchase behaviour for beverages, outranking price, health aspects, and convenience. This demand for appealing flavours fuels the ever-lasting quest for the “next big thing” in flavour and colour innovations. Steven Thomissen, senior market analyst at Innova Market Insights will deep dive into the latest innovations within the beverages space and will share his top tips on creating products that exceed consumer expectations.

In a world of rapidly evolving legislation and trends, the beverage industry must continually innovate to keep pace. Manon Galizzi, founder of EPICSI, food scientist and food & beverage R&D consultant specialising in flavours, will discuss the impact of frequent regulatory shifts and technological advances on product developers’ decision-making processes when creating new flavour and colour combinations.

Finally, in a live panel discussion, both Steven and Manon will explore global and cultural differences in taste and colour perception in the beverages market. Together, they will discuss the impact of the move towards healthier products and clean label ingredient lists on the creative process and ingredient sourcing when developing beverages that intrigue, attract, and appeal to consumers.

Moderated by senior content producer Elizabeth Draper, the live session will dive into several trending and emerging categories in the beverages space from functional and sports beverages to low- and no-alcohol options, highlighting the flavours and technologies that will drive NPD in future.