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Exploring textures in next-gen plant-based gummy candy [White paper]

Using plant-based gelling agents for gummy candy gives manufacturers a wealth of options for customizing texture. One concern has been the need to stove the products at temperatures from 55 °C (131 °F) to attain a stable texture. A new product from KMC in Denmark offers a solution to this.

With rising demand for plant-based ingredients across categories, Gelamyl 625 signals the next generation of plant-based gelling agents. It can be used to create chewy textures – even when dried at ambient temperature. The result is a guaranteed heat-stable product.

The ability to dry at 25 °C (77 °F) and above makes it easier to create sugar confectionery with potato-based gelling agents. Gelamyl 625 can fully or partially replace gelatin in gummy candy to attain a more heat-stable product with a chewy bite and several texture options.

Another new addition is Gelamyl 805 which offers new, elastic textures for fully plant-based sugar confectionery. Gelamyl 805 is the latest product in the 800-series. It offers manufacturers more options to explore innovative textures and make their products stand out.

Gelamyl from KMC is a series of versatile potato-based gelling agents for sugar confectionery. With Gelamyl it is possible to produce anything from soft gummies and jellies to firm English wine gums all the way to fruit pastilles with a hard surface. Like all KMC ingredients Gelamyl is based on modified potato starch from locally grown potatoes.

Download the KMC white paper to learn how you can benefit from the new confectionery options.

In this white paper you will discover:

  • The 3 key benefits of using potato starch in any gummy candy production – even if a plant-based production is not on your agenda
  • Our patented solution for making chewy, non-sticky gummy candy from potato starch – without the need to stove it at high temperature
  • An introduction to plant-based sugar confectionery – you can find a product for almost any texture you desire
  • How modified potato starch is turned into candy bestsellers
  • The 3 major trends that shape the future of confectionery – this will help you better understand consumer values

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Exploring textures in next-gen plant-based gummy candy [White paper]