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Clean Label: The 2020 guide to an evolving trend [Report]

Article-Clean Label: The 2020 guide to an evolving trend [Report]

Clean Label The 2020 guide to an evolving trend Report.jpg
Clean label is a consumer-driven trend towards fewer and more natural ingredients. Download this report to learn how is clean label evolving and what does this mean for clean label ingredients in 2020 and beyond.

Clean label is no longer just about the food. Consumers want to know that the company behind the food or beverage product also has a 'clean' image. It’s a concept that continues to evolve in its meaning and relevance to consumers. It has come to be most closely associated with ideas such as simplicity, and more natural and recognisable ingredients.

Main points covered are:

  • Healthy eating
  • Provenance and transparency
  • Fewer and more recognisable ingredients
  • Naturalness and ultra-processed foods
  • Sustainability

Download the report to learn more.

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