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Delivering taste and texture in food and beverages [Report]

Article-Delivering taste and texture in food and beverages [Report]

This report gives an overview of which flavours are on the rise in both foods and beverages, as well as how companies are tackling taste and textural challenges in products with reduced salt, sugar and saturated fat. Download the report here to find out more.

Taste is the number one purchase driver of foods and beverages, but it must fit with consumers’ other demands, including health, value for money, product quality, shelf life and attractive appearance. Meanwhile, taste overlaps strongly with texture, as mouthfeel and the way foods are broken down in the mouth can exert an enormous influence over how taste is perceived.

Main topics covered are:

  • Natural flavour trends across categories
  • Unusual flavour and texture combinations
  • Hybrid concepts in beverages
  • Balancing taste and texture in healthier food and beverages
  • Taste and texture in meat alternatives

Download the report to learn more.

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