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Snacks, Bakery & Confectionery Report 2022 [Free download]

Bakery products are an essential staple across the globe while snacks and confectionery products are a growing category.

As consumers increasingly look for healthy and nutritious yet indulgent on-the-go treats, it has never been more important for manufacturers to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest food trends and reformulation strategies. Download this free report to find out more.

The main topics covered in this report are:

  • Adding a health halo
  • Sugar reduction for healthy indulgence
  • Fibre in bread and baked goods
  • Nutrient boost with functional confectionery 
  • Protein everywhere
  • Trend spotting: Plant-based
  • Trend spotting: Gluten-free
  • Sustainable packaging 
  • Sustainable ingredients 
  • Spotlight on category innovations 

Download this free report here to learn more.

Snacks, Bakery & Confectionery Report 2022 [Free download]