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Sustainability as a driver of innovation in the food industry [eMag]

Article-Sustainability as a driver of innovation in the food industry [eMag]

Food companies face the major challenge of improving sustainability for the sake of the planet, people, and their own long-term viability. From high-tech solutions straight out of sci-fi, to operational over-hauls, to re-configured supply chain governance, in every corner of the food industry innovations for sustainability are seeing the light of day.


This eMag features interviews from leading industry experts such as Atze Jan van der Goot (Professor in Sustainable Protein Technology at Wageningen University), Emilia Nordlund (D.Sc. (Tech ) heads VTT’s Food Solutions team), Dennis Eriksson (Researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Dr. Delphine Huc-Mathis (Assistant Professor at the Paris Institute of Technology) and Jakob Thøisen (CEO of Danish emulsifier and stabiliser manufacturer Palsgaard). Read on for a round-up of innovation in the pipeline - from manufacturers, ingredients companies, research institutes, and other trailblazers. 

Main topics this eMag will cover are:

  • Searching for sustainable alternative proteins
  • Precision fermentation
  • Gene editing
  • Sustainable sourcing and green transport and logistics
  • Packaging beyond plastic
  • Palsgaard reaping the benefits of carbon-neutral production


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We also bring together the know-how of a century with a deep sense of responsibility for future generations. That’s why all our production sites are CO2-neutral and why we go to great lengths to live up to the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more about our heritage and values at

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