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Tracking the global trend for plant-based protein [Report]

Article-Tracking the global trend for plant-based protein [Report]

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In this report leading industry experts discuss what's driving the global trend for plant-based protein. Download it here to learn more.

Plant proteins have muscled into the global food and drink market as food trends have converged with environmental and health concerns. Once the preserve of bodybuilders and serious athletes, interest in protein has gained ground among mainstream consumers who want to feel fuller for longer after a meal or preserve muscle and bone mass as they age, as well as among amateur fitness enthusiasts for building lean muscle and for post-exercise recovery. Combined with interest in more natural foods and concerns about the health and environmental impacts of eating too much meat and dairy, this has led a growing number of consumers to embrace plant-derived proteins.

Main topics covered are:

  • Tracking the global trend for plant-based protein
  • Main sources of plant-based protein
  • Creating meat alternatives from plants
  • Plant protein in dairy applications
  • Blending with protein
  • Plant proteins growing in sports nutrition
  • Where next for plant proteins?

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