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Understanding and unlocking protein potential [Report]

ADM is a global leader in protein nutrition for over 75 years, delivering solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in plant-based alternatives and specialized nutrition. ADM’s proven technical expertise, supply chain partnerships and culinary-inspired products can help you deliver what consumers want today and look for tomorrow.

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Plant-based food and beverages are booming, with 42% of people around the world following a flexitarian diet and consuming more plant-based foods. With such a huge potential consumer base and a myriad of motivations for adopting a plant-based lifestyle, the opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to deliver future-forward solutions for this growing category are clear. 

The topics covered in this report are:

  • The plant protein market: an opportunity too big to ignore
  • Learn how ADM can give you an edge in the crowded protein arena
  • Partnering with ADM to discover and navigate trends
  • Case study:  Plant-based alternative to a whole chicken breast
  • Case study:  Plant-based alternative to seafood
  • Case study:  Plant-forward meatball

Understanding and unlocking protein potential [Report]