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Startup Innovation Challenge

Calling all ingredient startups: Register for the Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2022

Article-Calling all ingredient startups: Register for the Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2022

Entries for the Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2022 are now open. This a unique competition which is hosted in conjunction with Fi Europe, the world's largest gathering of ingredient buyers and decision makers.

What does it offer?

The Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge offers ingredient startups targeting the Food and Beverages sector, an opportunity to develop their innovative projects through a specialised support programme. 


Who should enter?

All startups (active for 5 years or less) with innovative solutions for the F&B ingredient industry, suitable for one of the following categories: 

  1. Most Innovative Food or Beverage Ingredient 
    This category covers ingredients or additives that improve taste, texture, appearance and/or nutritional value. For example, flavours, flavour enhancers, colours, sweeteners, emulsifiers, stabilisers, (thickeners, binders, texturisers), acidulants, firming agents, anti-caking agents, leavening agents, humectants, dough strengtheners, fat substitutions, yeast nutrients, PH control agents, enzyme preparations, functional lipids, dietary fibre, probiotics, etc. 
  2. Most Innovative Plant-Based or Alternative Ingredient category 
    This category covers innovations related to food and beverage ingredients or additives specifically from a plant-based or alternative, non-animal source. 
  3. Most Innovative Processing Technology  
    This category covers innovations related to food processing technologies that have the potential to positively impact the F&B industry. Examples include molecular farming, biomass fermentation, cellular agriculture, precision fermentation, etc.   
  4. Most Innovative Service, Technology or Digital Solution Supporting the F&B Industry 
    This category covers innovations that support improvements in ingredients sourcing and production, formulation, food safety, traceability, transparency, smart packaging, upcycling, and/or supply chain management. 

Submission deadline

Entries will be open until 30 September 2022.

Why enter?

Taking part in the Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge offers great exposure to all finalists and an opportunity to make invaluable industry connections. The Challenge is hosted annually in conjunction with the world’s largest gathering of F&B ingredient buyers and suppliers, Fi Europe, co-located with Hi Europe


This Challenge is right for you if you are looking to meet/collaborate with:

  • Major ingredient suppliers and producers
  • Manufacturers seeking innovative solutions
  • R&D experts from research institutions
  • Banks / Venture Capitalists / investors 
  • Startup incubators / accelerators / supporters

Next steps…

Before completing your submission, please ensure that you have thoroughly read the Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge Rules and Regulations 2022. A signed copy of this form must accompany your application. You can read and download the Rules and Regulations form here


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