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Startup Innovation Challenge

Startup Innovation Challenge Finalist Pitch: Time-Travelling Milkman [On-demand pitch]

Video-Startup Innovation Challenge Finalist Pitch: Time-Travelling Milkman [On-demand pitch]

Time-travelling Milkman is developing creamy and healthy fat ingredients.

Category finalist: Most Innovative Plant-Based or Alternative Ingredient

Creaminess comes from fat, not protein. Alternative protein sources are abundant, but the importance of the fat element has been overlooked. Without this, there will be no protein transition.

Time-Travelling Milkman (TTM) produces and sells plant-based fat ingredient for creamier, healthier and more sustainable plant-based products. TTM’s unsaturated fat ingredients are made through a process that extracts natural fat droplets from seeds, such as sunflower seeds, for sustainable production of fat that is texturally similar to milk cream. European seeds, water and our proprietary processing technology is used to produce ingredients that add an irresistible mouthfeel in our customers’ products. Time-travelling Milkman – developing creamy and healthy fat ingredients.

Watch Time-Travelling Milkman's pitch from Fi Europe 2021, co-located with Hi Europe to learn more about how this startup is developing creamy and healthy fat ingredients. 



Dimitris Karefyllakis, CEO, Co-Founder

Dimitris obtained his doctorate from Wageningen University during which he realized that the methods applied for the processing of foods are often intensive, include many chemicals and result in waste streams full of valuable ingredients. By using only water and less energy, natural ingredients can be produced with great potential for new recipes. While most of the focus in the plant-based world is put on proteins, Dimitris decided to focus on fat ingredients and strive for creaminess. And Time-travelling Milkman was born. 

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