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5 F&B Sustainability insights: Take the quiz

A growing demand for sustainable products and ethical business practices is challenging the F&B industry to show that they are considering both in order to secure the trust of the consumer.

Companies need to act now to secure the supply chain and protect their businesses in the long term.

Bring your sustainability insights up to date with these quick quiz questions - scroll all the way down for the answers.

Q1. The  __________ industry generates nearly one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

A. Meat

B. Dairy

C. Processed Food

Q2. Which of the following accounts for the largest portion of carbon footprint when it comes to food?

A. Processing

B. Transportation

C. Cooking

D. Waste disposal

Q3. If a food label says ‘organic’, what does it mean?

A. It contains no genetically modified organisms

B. It was produced using the best sustainable agricultural methods

C. It is free of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides

D. All of the above

Q4. How many calories of fossil fuel energy are needed to produce a calorie of conventional food energy?

A. 10-15

B. 5-10

C. 2-5

D. Equal

Q5. How much would global agricultural production need to increase by 2050 to keep pace with population growth and shifting diets?

A. 15%

B. 30%

C. 50%

D. 70%

How well did you score?


Answers: 1.A; 2A; 3. All are correct; 4.A; 5.D.

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