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10 innovative health ingredient start-ups at Hi Europe 2016

From health water to sustainable plant proteins the Innovation Challenge features some of the most forward-thing start ups in health ingredients.

Ten start-ups pitched their latest innovations at Hi Europe to a panel of industry judges.

From health water to sustainable plant proteins, the Start-up Innovation Challenge features some of the most forward-thinking start-ups in health ingredients.

10 start-ups have been given the chance to share their research and pitch their latest innovations live at Hi Europe & Ni 2016. Our panel of industry judges will select the company with the most exciting idea as winner of the Start-up Innovation Challenge on Tuesday 29th November at the Industry Insights Theatre. There will be a contest winner and 'Natural Ingredient' special prize winner, awarded by Naturex.

1. Anti-inflammatory lipids by Sciadonics

Sciadonics have developed new-to-the-market, proprietary fatty acid ingredients derived from conifers to combat the chronic inflammation epidemic.

Despite being used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years, the lack of a commercially-viable seed source of SCI has blocked commercialisation for many years. The team at Sciadonics have achieved this important milestone, protected by four patent applications.

They are now seeking investors to meet milestones on regulatory GRAS/IND, industrial oil scale up, and commercialisation.

2. High quality plant proteins from Prolupin

prolupinEnabling tasty vegan products for the mass market, Prolupin produces high quality, lupine-based plant proteins.

Their patented extraction process creates value in the complete supply-chain. Locally sourced by farmers to the consumer, and for their own B2C food portfolio and B2B business partners.

Their lupine protein-isolate - awarded by The Federal Presidents Award for Innovation and Technology 2014 - enables a sensory neutral product profile.

3. Health water for sugar control and immunity Pervida

In 2017 Pervida, a division of Biotherapeutics Inc, will launch two products: Pervida™ Immune health water with PUA and Pervida™ Sugar Control health water with ABA.

These products include health water for glycemic control (ABA) and digestive and immune health (PUA).

4. 'Free from' Quinoa ingredients by Greenfood 50

greenfoodIn co-operation with Wageningen University & Research, GreenFood50 has developed a comprehensive range of saponin-free quinoa ingredients: Quinoa seeds, Quinoa flours, Quinoa puffs, Quinoa crisps, Quinoa flakes, Quinoa precooked, Quinoa proteins, Quinoa starches, Quinoa fibers.

GreenFood50’s quinoa ingredients are rich in protein, dietary fiber and Omega 6/9 fatty acid, and

are gluten-free.

These quinoa ingredients are applied in bakery products, salads, pastas, sauces, beverages, sports

nutrition, healthy bars, snacks, vegetarian and gluten free products.

GreenFood50 won the special prize for Best Natural Ingredient 2016. Here is Olivier Rigaud CEO of Naturex awarding the prize to Marc Arts of GreenFood50 at HiE.

Find out what winning the prize meant for GreenFood50 12 months on in the interview with founder Marc Arts here.


5. Enhancing plant supercapacities with Alkaburt+

Alkaburst+ is a non-GMO technological platform that enhances the plants supercapacities to develop & produce hyperactive extracts with "hyper" yields.

Developed by Alkion BI, a greentech start-up, this promises to produce 800 times what is obtained on soil today and 2000 times tomorrow in affordable & sustainable conditions.

6. Plant-based alternative for infant formula milk by Olygose

olygoseOlygose has developed and patented a plant-based alternative to beta-GOS by extracting pea

serum alpha-galacto-oligosaccharides, a co-product of pea protein production for the infant milk formula market.

The objective of producers of infant milk is to propose alternatives that are as close as possible to breast milk in order to ensure the adequate development of infants.

Beta-Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), produced from lactose, is a market that is constantly increasing (forecast CAGR 14% between 2014 and 2020) and will reach a volume of about 80 000 tons by 2020.

7. Chinese traditional wellness in modern drinks by Ideas2Launch

ideas-2-launchIdeas 2 Launch have bridged the ancient Chinese traditional wellness with a modern “carrier” brand. All the major ingredients in their hot & iced range of drinks come from the same ancient wellness source i.e. the “Bencao gangmu”, a Chinese medical book of ancient health and wellness traditions.

Datamonitor cites Tg Green Teas as one of only a handful of new drinks globally that meet the evolving needs of consumers i.e. health demands for both added and in-built natural health benefits. ("Consumer and Consumer and Innovation Trends in RTD Tea” -March 2015).

8. Sugar reduction by Bayn

baynBayn Europe is a knowledge company helping food producers around the world to meet market demands in building a healthier world.

Bayn's natural ingredients, refined through scientific research, are developed into naturally sweetened low calorie recipes in close partnership with customers in the global food and beverage industry.

9. Fighting neuro-degenerative diseases with Neuro-sys

Neuro-Sys is a French biotechnology start up CRO/biotechnology company based in France focused on developing preclinical efficacy and mode of action contract services for CNS diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and ALS.

The platforms owned and developed by Neuro-Sys are designed to accept all kind of entities from the molecule to a plant by realising all the steps from the natural product green-extraction to the pharmacological/analytical profile.

... and the winner of the Best Innovation Award 2016 was:

10. Integrated fermentation of protein by 3F Bio

To help address global needs for sustainable protein - a $850bn global market - 3F Bio have patented a large-scale integrated production of food, fuel and feed based around Mycoprotein, the protein component in Quorn™.

While the standard Mycoprotein fermentation process produces excess sugar, waste protein and effluent, the 3F process is claimed to 'revolutionise' production by integrating it within a biorefinery and utilising lower feedstock and reduced energy costs produces lower cost alongside an exceptional sustainability and carbon intensity profile.

Find out how winning the prize helped 3F Bio 12 months on in the interview with CEO Jim Laird here.



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