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water and iced tea

14 inspirational food packaging ideas from Asia

A rounded up of innovative food and beverages from Asia using eye-catching artwork and interesting materials.

At Hi Europe 2016 Innova Market Insights rounded-up a selection of innovative food and beverages from Asia.

The New Product Zone featured designs using eye-catching artwork and interesting materials to create a traditional or premium feel.

1. NAQV Shredded Pork Jerky (Taiwan/China)

Company: Jiangshu

This packet has a paper outer coating for a traditional look and feel.

7. Chacheer (Philippines)

Company: Qiaqia

Instead of the standard transparent plastic bag, Qiaqia chose a more traditional packaging material: paper. Together with its minimalist design, the packaging for this sunflower dried fruit gives the product an authentic image.

sunflower dried fruit





8. My Smoothie (Korea)


Company: Sunkist

Manufacturer: Combibloc SIG

185ml of strawberry smoothie containing real fruit. The pack features a wider straw perforation in order to consume the pieces of fruit.

strawberry smoothie





9. Café Runam  (Vietnam)


Company: Ru Nam

Arabica & Robusta coffee in a cloth sack packed in a paper packet for a premium experience. The gift set also includes an aluminum filter to brew the coffee with.






10. Lays (China)


Company: Pepsico

Brand: Lays

Potato chips with lime flavour in a funny packaging design that features different smiling mouths at the top of the bag.

lime flavour potato chips





11. Tangerine Juice Drink (Japan)


Company: JA Foods

Juice drink in a smart recloseable aluminium bottle

tangerine juice drink





12. Eastern Black Tea (China)


Company: Nongfu Spring

Black tea with milk in a cone-shaped bottle.

black tea with milk


13. Yunnan Coffee (China)


Company: Fuliyang

Coffee in a cloth sack for an authentic positioning.

yunnan coffee





14. The Dragon King Almond (China)


Company: Beijing Kemi Xiaozi

Brand: Bestnut

Almonds in a textured plastic jar. The jar resembles a barrel giving a natural feel.

almonds in jar

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