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5 growth strategies for natural flavours in Europe [On-demand webinar]

Video-5 growth strategies for natural flavours in Europe [On-demand webinar]

Over the past couple of years, consumer priorities have shifted dramatically. As consumer behaviour changes, what does the future hold for flavours post-COVID? How will changes in what, how and where consumers purchase food and drink alter consumer perception of ‘natural’? What are food and beverage manufacturers going to be looking for in this new landscape? In this data-rich on-demand webinar, Food Trending uses their global ingredient market data to explore the opportunities, growth areas, and challenges for manufactures and suppliers of natural flavours for 2021 and beyond.



Jamie Rice - Director Global Data and Insights, Food Trending

Jamie Rice is Director Global Data and Insights for Food Trending. Food Trending provides detailed, relevant and targeted market intelligence to the global food industry to empower decision making and generate growth.