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Botanicals and more: The market for plant-based beyond protein [On-demand webinar]

Video-Botanicals and more: The market for plant-based beyond protein [On-demand webinar]

To plant-base or not to plant-base? The global plant-based market is expected to grow to over $13T by 2025, and Botanicals in parallel to more than $6B. About 7 in 10 consumers say they’re interested in plant-based and botanicals. But do they know the difference? What will they gravitate to and when?

At buzzback, we talked to 1000+ consumers in the US, UK and China over 3 waves of research to perceptions, awareness and interest in purchasing plant-based and botanical products. With an increasing number of consumers looking for healthier and environmentally friendly options, this is the time for brands to understand their wants in this growing market. Although there is a huge focus on protein and meat and dairy alternatives, plant-based and botanicals are broader than that. In this presentation, Martin Oxley, Managing Director at buzzback UK, will talk about buzzback’s latest findings with a focus on the trendiest ingredients, categories driving market growth, and consumers’ wants to surface new opportunities for brands.



Martin Oxley - Managing Director, BUZZBACK

Martin has been the managing director of BuzzBack Europe since its inception in 2007. In his 20+ years in research, he’s worked for two of the biggest global custom firms, Ipsos and TNS. Martin is the recipient of a 2009 MRS Fellowship, a fellow of the RSA and is a regular speaker and chair of MRS and ESOMAR events.