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Consumers’ perspective on food & mental wellness [On-demand webinar]

Video-Consumers’ perspective on food & mental wellness [On-demand webinar]

The pandemic has strengthened the trend towards food and mood, and in this presentation, Aurore de Monclin, Managing Partner at the Healthy Marketing Team discusses this and answers the top topical questions. Watch this free on-demand webinar to find out more.

In this on-demand webinar, Aurore de Monclin answers the following two questions:

  • What are the consumer motivations behind their food / supplement choices related to mental wellness?
  •  Are companies accurately positioning their products based on the consumer's current food and wellness-related needs?




Aurore de Monclin - Managing Partner, The Healthy Marketing Team 

Aurore de Monclin has over 15 years of experience working in healthy marketing. Having worked in food branding and innovation in more than 20 countries, from the US to China, Aurore brings a global perspective and practical expertise on how to understand customers’ health needs and develop better targeted brands, faster to market.