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Current strategies for healthy snacking in Europe [On-demand webinar]

Video-Current strategies for healthy snacking in Europe [On-demand webinar]

As Bakery and Snacks innovations in Europe continue to evolve, this on-demand webinar will cover some of the general updates and current trends in the category. Clara will also share some updates on AZTI’s current projects focused on the availability of healthier snacks for kids.



Clara Talens - Senior research, AZTI 

Clara Talens is a senior researcher at AZTI (Spain). She is an agricultural engineer and holds a PhD in Food Science, Technology and Management from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. She has just under 10 years' experience in managing public and private funded R&D projects towards a more personalised and sustainable food sector. She has expertise in product formulation, industrial process design and scale-up, as well as providing ingredient solutions for nutritional and health claims. Clara also innovates with startups under EU framework programs.

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