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Food tech startups investing in China [On-demand webinar]

Video-Food tech startups investing in China [On-demand webinar]

China is the second largest market in agri-food tech startup investment globally. In this on-demand webinar, Winnie Leung of Bits X bites, shares insights into the current investing landscape and seismic shift that’s happening between up and downstream investment in China. This presentation addresses the impact of Covid-19 on investment in areas including food security, nutrition and biosciences. Watch it for free here!

Despite its global dominance, China’s agrifood tech investment landscape had a slow start when it first emerged due to the general tendency to focus on consumers and end-products. However, of recent, we have seen signals that the market is undergoing a shift from mid to upstream investment, in order to address key challenges in the supply chain. In an area rife with investment opportunities and emerging talent, what are the opportunities and barriers for startups in the market? How might COVID have impacted the sector?



Winne Leung – VP, Bits x Bites

Winnie Leung is VP at Bits x Bites, a food tech venture capital fund focusing on the Chinese market. To date, it has invested in companies that are advancing gene editing for high-performing crops, functional chickpea-based protein ingredients, as well as cost-efficient, non-GMO meat production from animal cells without an actual animal.