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Fi Europe 2022

The future of protein [On-demand webinar]

Video-The future of protein [On-demand webinar]

The future of protein production holds potential advancements & developments, but identifying the most sustainable methods are crucial.

What is the future of protein production? What is the most sustainable way to produce protein in the future? How are we going to serve NEW proteins? And what are the challenges to take these new proteins to the market? What are the geographical differences globally?

Learn more from Eugene Wang during this on-demand webinar that aired during Fi Europe 2022.


Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Sophie's BioNutrients

Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Sophie's BioNutrients

Eugene Wang grew up immersed in the vegetarian food business. Since 2010, his vision for launching Sophie’s Kitchen, the first Plant-Based Seafood Alternative, has manifested into a viable category innovation lauded by the press and social media thought leaders. Sophie’s Kitchen had won numerous recognitions from companies like PepsiCo and Chipotle. In 2019, Eugene took the alternative protein to the microorganism level and started another venture - Sophie’s BioNutrients. The Singapore-based company, which grows microalgae in bioreactors and has recently expanded to Europe. The company created the world’s first allergen-free microalgae-based dairy alternatives and microalgae-based burger patties with its microalgae protein concentrate.