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The future of specialised nutrition in the post-COVID-19 world [On-demand webinar]

Video-The future of specialised nutrition in the post-COVID-19 world [On-demand webinar]

This on-demand webinar examines how COVID-19 has impacted consumers of specialised nutrition products and the shaping of future trends. Watch it free here.

What are the four guiding principles for brands operating within specialised nutrition to meet consumer needs post-COVID-19? Where will COVID-19 drive technology and personal data to merge to revolutionise personal health, wellness and active lifestyles?



Rick Miller - Food and Drink Associate Director, Specialised Nutrition, Mintel       

As an Associate Director for Specialised Nutrition, Rick Miller’s unique experience as a practicing dietitian and medical liaison to FMCG, FSMP and supplementation brands, allows him to combine clinical experience with patients, scientific understanding and consumer market insight to advise clients exactly how to maximise penetration in the fast moving category of specialised nutrition.