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Global food allergen legislation and analysis update [On-demand webinar]

Video-Global food allergen legislation and analysis update [On-demand webinar]

As regulators react to developments in the understanding of prevalence and high-profile incidents, food allergen legislation continues to develop. The legal, social, and reputational responsibility of the food industry remains to provide food that is safe for those with food allergies. This on-demand webinar gives examples of recent food allergen legislative changes and examines how analysis is keeping pace with these developments.



Helen Arrowsmith - Prinicipal Food Law Adviser and Allergen Specialist, Campden BRI

Helen Arrowsmith is currently a Principal Food Law Adviser in the Regulatory Affairs Department at Campden BRI. Helen uses her knowledge, gained over 16 years working with the food and drink industry, to provide advice and consultancy on relevant UK and harmonised EU legislation, to present on training courses on food law, and to contribute to publications. Helen is also a food allergen specialist; having spent 9 years managing the provision of technical contract services in the area of food allergen detection, including interpretation of testing results and delivery of consultancy, information and advice on food allergen analysis, and cleaning validation for allergen removal.