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How physical and microstructural insights can enhance consumer experience of plant-based foods [On-demand webinar]

Video-How physical and microstructural insights can enhance consumer experience of plant-based foods [On-demand webinar]

A common challenge in making vegan alternatives to traditional foods is to reproduce the texture and flavour attributes that make them desirable. This presentation shares an example of how science was used to inform the choice of ingredients and process parameters in a vegan sausage.

The consistency of the sausage mass was important in ensuring efficient processing. A texturised protein was used to provide chewiness and various hydrocolloids were used to bind the particles together. Instrumental texture measurement was used to evaluate the effect of drying on the firmness of the sausage.



Mark Auty - Research Principal, RSSL

Dr Auty is a pioneer food microstructure scientist and leader in his field, with a global reputation for high quality food structure-related applied research. A Microbiology graduate, Mark gained a PhD in 2004 in confocal microscopy and from 2006-2017 was awarded €5.5m competitive research funding and new external income streams focused on the Irish dairy sector. Mark has a strong academic profile, publishing over 100 scientific articles and book chapters and given over 100 oral presentations and posters at international conferences. In 2018 Mark Joined RSSL to provide technical leadership of microstructure-related projects that impact business growth across the business.

Fred Gates.jpg

Fred Gates - Technical Specialist & Food Physical Properties, RSSL

Fred Gates has over 25 years’ experience in food research and holds a PhD in Food Technology from the University of Helsinki. The emphasis of his research has been on defining, measuring and optimising quality, with an emphasis on physical properties related to processing or texture. Fred has extensive experience in using science to provide robust solutions to product development and processing issues.