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How to stay ahead of the trends in bakery [On-demand webinar]

Video-How to stay ahead of the trends in bakery [On-demand webinar]

How can bakeries stay relevant in today’s market? In this on-demand webinar you can discover the reformulation strategies for the future that will add value to your products and learn about the best vegetable proteins available today, as well as about the proteins that are coming up in the near future.


Richard Charpentier.jpg

Richard Charpentier - Owner / Founder, Baking Innovation

Richard Charpentier is a classically trained French baker, Certified Master Baker, holds a degree in Baking Science from KSU with a minor in Cereal Chemistry, and a degree in Sales and Marketing from Benjamin Morel, France.  Richard spent years working in the industry in retail bakeries and for large CPG Brands where he held and led Research and Development positions.