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Plant-based and protein alternative in functional foods and beverages in South East Asia [On-demand webinar]

Video-Plant-based and protein alternative in functional foods and beverages in South East Asia [On-demand webinar]

As the consumption of alternative proteins continue to rise, consumers are becoming increasingly more interested in seeing their favourite functional foods and beverages being given a healthful plant-based spin. In this on-demand webinar our expert speaker discusses how to navigate this competitive landscape.  Watch it free here.

The number of innovation and technology developments in plant-based protein extraction and plant-based products have therefore increased significantly, resulting in a steep rise in competition across the global plant-based market. This on-demand webinar provides you with insights on sourcing, key processes and plant-based alternative products that are becoming highly influential in the food industry globally, to help navigate this competitive landscape. 



Siriporn Chunkao - Researcher, TISTR

Siriporn Chunkao is a researcher at the Expert Center of Innovative Health Food, TISTR. She graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science and Technology from Prince of Songkla University (PSU) and worked as a visiting PhD student in Food and Human Nutritional Sciences, University of Canada for year. Siriporn worked on the production of plant protein followed enzymatic hydrolysis, membrane separation, identification of peptides. The amino acid sequence of the peptides were elucidated and the peptides synthesized for in-depth studies. In addition her research is focusing and working on plant-based protein, peptides and product development of functional foods such as plant protein extract, plant-based drinks, plant-based meat product and more.