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Startup spotlight: Discovering alternative meats [On-demand webinar]

Video-Startup spotlight: Discovering alternative meats [On-demand webinar]

GoodDot is the leading plant-based meat company of India. With a massive population of 1.4 billion, India is one of the biggest consumer markets of the world. The country is now warming up to the plant-based meat revolution and significant tailwinds are building up in favour of plant-based meat products in India. For a deeper dive into the immense market opportunity of plant-based meat in India, tune into this presentation by Abhishek Sinha, CEO of GoodDot.



Abhishek Sinha - Co-founder & CEO, GoodDot  

Abhishek Sinha is the Co-founder & CEO of GoodDot, the leading plant-based meat company in India. A chemical engineer and an ex-senior taxation bureaucrat, he has wide expertise in strategic alignment, product development, process engineering and regulatory landscape. The ethical benefits of a plant-based lifestyle are the major driving force behind GoodDot's activities. With a focus on taste, price and shelf life of its products at room temperature, GoodDot has a unique and distinct approach to mainstream meat alternatives across the globe.