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Technologies driving the Future of Food 2050 [On-demand webinar]

Video-Technologies driving the Future of Food 2050 [On-demand webinar]

This on-demand webinar explores the underlying new technologies driving the Future of Food over the coming years and even decades and how these will influence consumers. Like so many disruptions, these technologies largely come from outside the conventional food industries or are at best on the periphery. So, what are these technologies and why are they important?



Tony Hunter - Food Futurist, Future Cubed

Tony is a Global Futurist, Food Scientist, speaker and foresight strategy consultant specialising in the Future of Food. He uses his FutureCUBED™ methodology as a structured way of viewing the food, beverage and ag industry’s long term future in 10+ years while linking it back to current emerging technologies. This enables a practical, real world approach to using strategic foresight to predict the long term possible Futures of Food. Tony presents globally, using his distinctive combination of scientific qualifications, business experience and detailed understanding of food technologies to deliver a unique perspective on the Future of Food.

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