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What does it take to develop an innovative ingredient via fermentation? [On-demand webinar]

Video-What does it take to develop an innovative ingredient via fermentation? [On-demand webinar]

Fermentation as a sustainable and efficient production platform is becoming a key approach for exploiting the full potential of existing and innovative food ingredients. However, are all ingredients “qualified” to be commercially produced via fermentation?

The answer is embedded in the combination of the desired ingredient and the chosen production system. This on-demand webinar presents the story of ‘Phytolon’ as an example of a startup that leverages fermentation-based technology for production of food colours via the fermentation of yeast cells. Considerations of regulation, scalability, cost-efficiency and product quality are combined into a highly feasible system for bringing such innovative products to the global food market.



Dr Halim Jubran - CEO & Co-founder, Phytolon

Halim Jubran is an entrepreneur who aims to bring biotechnology-based natural ingredients to the global market. Holding a PhD in biotechnology, Halim combines his experience in execution and project management at industrial disciplines, with deep technological knowledge and scientific understanding. Halim’s vision consists of exploiting the current scientific advancement in the field of biotechnology and food engineering, to promote human health and environmental sustainability.