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Fi Europe 2022

Join us for a morning of networking, career-changing advice, and delicious food!

Video-Join us for a morning of networking, career-changing advice, and delicious food!

Join us in Paris for the Women's Networking Breakfast on 7 December 2022, day 2 of Fi Europe.

This year’s Women’s Networking Breakfast puts sustainability at the forefront, exploring the ways in which women are transforming the global food system for the sake of safeguarding the future of our planet and our people. The world is constantly changing, and the global food system is facing new challenges every day, navigating the long-lasting impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, to supply chain issues fuelled by the Ukraine war, to the looming climate crisis. These challenges require new and innovative solutions, demanding food system stakeholders to look beyond profit and incite purpose driven action. From farm to fork, women are leading the way, by taking actionable steps towards improving the efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of the global food value chain.

Showcasing the female food professionals who are making waves in the global food system and futureproofing our planet, the Women’s Networking Breakfast will consist of two panel discussions featuring a selection of the industry’s leading voices as well as a series of dedicated networking activities. The first session will focus on building a sustainable food system, highlighting the women who are trailblazing the future of food. While the second will advise on how to build a sustainable food business, arming food professionals with practical advice about how to build and run successful diversity and inclusion strategies.

Attendees can expect to hear from and connect with a selection of the industry’s brightest minds and key stakeholders striving to build a more sustainable food system. The event is open to male and female professionals and will take place in-person on the morning of 7 December 2022. 

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