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Food, health, and the microbiome [Report]

This report looks at the role of foods and ingredients in nurturing a healthy gut microbiome, how to communicate their benefits with consumers, their potential in various food applications and markets, as well as possible pitfalls for manufacturers.

Bacteria in the gut outnumber human cells, so it is little wonder that they affect the health of our microbiome. But it is only in the past few years that we have begun to unravel their myriad mechanisms of action, and to reveal their impact on all the systems of the body, from digestion to heart health and immune response, to our risk of inflammatory disease, and even our mental health, behaviour and mood.

Download this free Fi Global Insights report to find out more about:

  • Food, health, and the microbiome: A market overview
  • Tracking consumer awareness levels
  • Opportunities for personalisation in the gut health space
  • Fibre: Weighing up the pros and cons
  • Spotlight on probiotics
  • How to communicate the benefits of food for gut health
  • The regulatory landscape
  • Other on-trend ingredients: Fermented foods and synbiotics
  • Key takeaways

Food, health, and the microbiome [Report]