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Power to the plants: Ingredient innovation in the plant-based category [Report]

In the past, European consumers tended to choose plant-based alternatives first and foremost because the products aligned with their values – better animal welfare, safe for the environment, healthier for me. But today, trumping all those issues, is the desire for plant-based foods to replicate the sensory perceptions of animal-based foods without using an animal – and novel ingredients, new processing technologies, and artificial intelligence are all making this possible.

This report highlights some of the ways brands and manufacturers in the European plant-based foods category are working to put plant products on par with animal-based products.

Download this free report to find out more about: 

  • A flexible relationship with meat and dairy: Understanding the plant-based consumer
  • Plant-based purchase drivers: Personal and planetary health
  • Replicating the real thing: The formulation challenge
  • Ingredient innovation: Advances in food processing technology
  • Next-generation plant-based steak: From fibrous mycelium to extruded fats
  • Making plant proteins more nutritious with high-power sonication
  • Not so niche: Plant-based ice cream and butter
  • Plant-based products and the ultra-processed backlash
  • The road to growth: Investment, academic collaboration, and culinary partnerships
  • Key takeaways

Power to the plants: Ingredient innovation in the plant-based category [Report]