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Food in India: A rich tapestry of culinary traditions and modern trends [Report]

India is vast and diverse, and its food and beverage industry reflects the subcontinent’s varied demographics. Each state has its own unique ingredients, cooking styles, and flavours, and the result is a dynamic food and beverage market where regional specialities coexist with a growing appetite for global foods and the convenience of packaged products.

With a population of 1.3 billion, India has a large youth population, and those aged 35 and under make up more than 65% of the market. A burgeoning middle class with rising disposable income also has led to growing demand for a wide range of food options, from traditional and local delicacies to international cuisines.

This report looks at some of the most important trends affecting the Indian food and beverage market today and how companies can tap into them. These include growing demand for plant-based products and herbal botanicals, and it also explores the influence of regional flavours and local ingredients on new product launches.

The report also identifies key factors that favour India for sourcing food ingredients, too, the challenges involved, and the potential benefits for businesses worldwide.

Download this free report to find out more about:

  • Trends focus
    • Plant-based meat and dairy alternatives
    • Herbal botanicals for health
    • Regional flavours, local ingredients
  • Sourcing ingredients from India
    • Which ingredients and commodities?
    • The benefits and challenges of sourcing from India
    • Import/export regulations
  • Key takeaways
  • Spotlight on Fi India

Food in India: A rich tapestry of culinary traditions and modern trends [Report]
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