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Spotlight on ingredient innovation [eMag]

Ingredients are what make a food or drink product truly innovative.

In this e-magazine, we bring you a selection of articles about how novel ingredients and R&D breakthroughs are helping formulators develop products that are healthier, safer, and more delicious.

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  • New frontiers in health and wellbeing:
    • New plants: Equinom enhances biodiversity and functionality with plant-based ingredients
    • Algae acceptance requires awareness and better branding
  • Next generation plant-based and vegan:
    • Pioneering precision fermentation for more sustainable and localised food production
    • Making mycelium mainstream through patented technology
  • Leveraging science for safety-centric innovation:
    • Bean-to-bar innovations to reduce toxic elements in chocolate
    • How safe and healthy are novel sweeteners?
  • Innovative ingredients for reformulation:
    • What’s trending in the food colour industry?
    • Blending fibres and flavours to match sugar’s functionality

Spotlight on ingredient innovation [eMag]