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Brought to you by the teams behind Fi Europe, Hi Europe and Ingredients Network, Fi Global Insights is our brand-new content platform. Here, we provide unparalleled insight into the global food industry - helping our customer stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the market.

Fi Global Insights also offers the opportunity to help brands reach the people that matter in the food and beverage industry, all year round, through lead generation campaigns such as webinar sponsorship.

Webinar Sponsorship

Your best leads are individuals who are actively looking for solutions and education – the key principle that makes webinars so successful. Our highly informative, expert webinars on our brand-new platform Fi Global Insights will cover the food industry’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and assess the impact on food safety, the increased demand for health ingredients, and the impact on food fraud.

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Our standard sponsorship package includes:

  • A dedicated page on Fi Global Insights for the webinar, including your company logo
  • Your brand will be part of our marketing campaigns, including a minimum of 2 emails to the Fi Europe database
  • Your brand is featured in one edition of the weekly Ingredients Network newsletter – with 100,000 subscribers
  • Your brand is visible on the gated landing page of the webinar
  • Your logo, together with the Fi Global Insights logo, is displayed throughout the webinar

Total cost: €5,000

Or upgrade to our premium package and receive:

  • Contact details of all participants accessing the live webinar  
  • Contact details of all participants accessing the gated webinar on Fi Global Insights for 1 year

Total cost: €7,500

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Discover the topics of our COVID-19 webinars:

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on all industries across the globe, and with the food industry being one of the most crucial, any weakness in the supply chain may cause a collapse, endangering the lives of billions. Join us for our 3-part webinar series focused on the Impact the COVID-19 outbreak has had on food supply, consumer trends and food fraud.



Impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on Food Safety Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted some of the threats that exist within the food supply chain that need to be reassessed, in order to secure food safety going forward. This webinar will focus on providing essential information on how to implement more effective contingency plans and assist with greater supply chain management efficiency going forward.


Rob Kooijmans, Chief Executive Officer, Food Strategy Institute
Martin D’Agostino, Head of Virology, Campden BRI
John G. Keogh, Founder & Managing Principal, Shantalla Inc

Duration: 60 minutes




Impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the demand for Health Ingredients Webinar

People are being forced into lockdown all over the globe, resulting in a change in routines and consumer behaviours. This webinar will provide insights into how consumer trends and demands have changed since the COVID-19 outbreak, how these trends will impact the future of nutrition, and explore the opportunities that may exist for technology and personalised nutrition going forward.


Peter Wennström, Founder and Lead Consultant, HMT
Rick Miller, Associate Director | Specialised Nutrition, Mintel
Julian Mellentin, Founder, New Nutrition Business
Nathan Gray, Science and Technology Director, Global Prebiotic Association and Owner at Nutraceutic

Duration: 60 minutes




Impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on Food Fraud Webinar

The food supply chain is under constant threat from fraudsters and criminals, which has been highlighted even more as COVID-19 spreads across the globe, causing massive disruptions to ingredient supplies and regulatory audits and checks. The focus for this webinar will be on identifying the most vulnerable areas for food fraud and how threat detection and prevention will evolve as a result of COVID-19.



Duration: 60 minutes

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