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Delivering taste and texture in plant-based alternatives [On-demand webinar]

Delivering taste and texture in plant-based alternatives.jpg
Watch this panel discussion to find out which processing technologies could enable the production of plant-based substitutes with a similar fibrous texture to chicken or beef.
Webinar Information

Is it possible to produce a desired texture with just one plant protein, or is blending proteins the best way to optimise textural profiles? How can understanding the microstructure of meat contribute to the development of more superior meat-like textures? What flavours and textures are consumers looking for in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives? Our expert speakers will address these pressing questions and more during this live session,and will aim to provide insights into the latest trends and developments. Join us to learn more about the ingredients currently under consideration for their textural benefits and to discover the latest technologies being developed.


  • Kinga Wojcicka-Swiderska, Senior Content Producer - Fi Global
  • Laurice Pouvreau, Expertise leader Protein technology - Wageningen University & Research
  • Carole Bingley, Senior Associate Principal Scientist - Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL)
  • Yann Pencole, Director - Kline & Company
  • Fred Gates, Associate Principal Scientist - Physical Science