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Delivering taste and texture in plant-based alternatives [On-demand webinar]

Video-Delivering taste and texture in plant-based alternatives [On-demand webinar]

This panel discussion considers which processing technologies could enable the production of plant-based substitutes with a similar fibrous texture to chicken or beef. Watch it free here.

Is it possible to produce a desired texture with just one plant protein, or is blending proteins the best way to optimise textural profiles? How can understanding the microstructure of meat contribute to the development of more superior meat-like textures? What flavours and textures are consumers looking for in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives? Our expert speakers address these pressing questions and more during this live session, and provide insights into the latest trends and developments. Join us to learn more about the ingredients currently under consideration for their textural benefits and to discover the latest technologies being developed.



Moderator: Kinga Wojcicka-Swiderska, Senior Content Producer - Fi Global

In her work Kinga connects the best solutions in ingredients and food science to food businesses through content creation for the largest B2B exhibitions in the world: Fi Europe and Fi North America. She is an experienced manager and a food expert. Throughout her career she has led a wide range of projects from product design to establishing strategic partnerships for R&D. She is also a food law expert, having managed an association of food supplement producers and taken part in formulating opinions on regulatory consultation processes at both national and EU level.

Dr Laurice Pouvreau.jpg

Laurice Pouvreau, Expertise leader Protein technology - Wageningen University & Research

Dr. Laurice Pouvreau is a research scientist and project leader ‘Protein technology’ at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Laurice trained as a protein chemist in France, after which she acquired her PhD in the Food Chemistry chair group of WUR, studying potato proteins. Laurice further pursued interest in plant proteins at NIZO, a contract research institute, and subsequently at Cargill, where she gained experience in (mild) fractionation, structuring and application in food products using a broad range of plant proteins. Laurice is driven to contribute to improving the quality of new sources of protein and delivering sustainable and tasty food products.

carole bingley.jpg

Carole Bingley, Senior Associate Principal Scientist - Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL)

Carole Bingley is a Senior Associate Principal Scientist working in RSSL’s Product and Ingredient Innovation Team. During her time with RSSL, Carole has undertaken ingredient evaluation and product development projects on a contract basis, for clients in several different food industry sectors. A Food Science graduate from Reading University, with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine from Surrey University, Carole has over 25 years’ experience in the food industry. This vast experience includes developing dairy and vegan meat alternatives based on plant proteins, as well as working with a wide range of sweeteners and bulking agents across many food categories.

Yann Pencole.jpg

Yann Pencole, Director - Kline & Company

Yann Pencolé is a director at Kline Management Consulting covering the Food & Nutrition practice. Based in London, Yann has over 15 years of experience in both industry and management consulting. Over the course of his career, he has managed and conducted studies on market entry, expansion strategy, M&A advisory, and various opportunities related to succeeding in the complex global food and nutrition market. More recently, he led a study on plant-based meat alternative processing technologies in collaboration with Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.

Fred Gates.jpg

Fred Gates, Associate Principal Scientist - Physical Science

Fred Gates has over 25 years’ experience in food research and holds a PhD in Food Technology from the University of Helsinki. The emphasis of his research has been on defining, measuring and optimising quality, with an emphasis on physical properties related to processing or texture. Fred has extensive experience in using science to provide robust solutions to product development and processing issues.