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Future Reformulation Strategies for Bakery and Snacks [On-demand webinar]

Article-Future Reformulation Strategies for Bakery and Snacks [On-demand webinar]

Our expert speakers, Stefano Renzetti from Wageningen, Tiia Morsky from Campden BRI, Julian Mellentin from New Nutrition Business and Richard Charpentier from Baking Innovation discuss the latest trends within the Bakery and Snacks sector. Watch the webinar for free here.

With consumers becoming more health conscious, Bakery and Snacks manufacturers have had to accelerate product reformulation. Consumers are now more than ever seeking indulgent products that can offer some comfort during times of unrest. However, with the growing interest in personal health, consumers are turning to Bakery and Snacks manufacturers to provide reformulated products with improved nutritional labels. Some of the reformulation strategies being used include enriching with beneficial ingredients, reducing content of sugar, fat or salt, or looking for alternatives to allergens like eggs, dairy or gluten.


Research shows that globally, 52% of consumers agree that it is important for Bakery products to have a natural claim[1] and 51% of consumers say that in the last twelve months, they have directly changed from snacking on products such as chocolate and confectionery to snacking on high protein and/or low sugar products instead.[2]  Additionally, 50% of global consumers say that sustainability claims on products are important in the baked goods they purchase.[3] With consumer demands becoming more complex, manufacturers are experimenting with novel technologies and ingredients to create new products that meet these consumer expectations.

Which ingredients are showing some promise and what technologies are on the rise? How can sugar be replaced with alternative sweeteners derived from nutrients in plant-based side streams? Can plant-derived protein be developed to optimise their nutritional value and technical performance in products? Are free-from foods increasing in demand in consumers’ search for health and well-being, even if they don’t suffer from an allergy? Is it possible to share the story of your product in a manner that will resonate with consumers who crave the best from both worlds – health and indulgence?

These are some of the questions that our expert speakers, Stefano Renzetti from Wageningen UR, Julian Mellentin from New Nutrition Business, Richard Charpentier from Baking Innovation and Tiia Morsky from Campden BRI, tackle during this webinar. Join us to learn more about some of the latest trends, most promising ingredients and technological developments within the Bakery and Snacks sector.




Kinga Wojcicka-Swiderska, Senior Content Producer, Fi Global

Kinga links in her work best solutions and science to food business through content creation for the biggest B2B exhibitions -Fi Europe and Fi North America. She is an experienced manager and a food expert. Throughout her career she has managed wide range of projects in the field of food sciences from product design to establishing strategic partnerships for R&D. She is also a food law expert, having managed for many years, association of food supplements producers and being part of formulating opinions in regulatory consultation process on national and EU level.


Tiia Morksy 2.jpg

Tiia Morsky, Ingredient Research Team Leader, Campden BRI

Tiia Morsky is an Ingredient Research Team Leader within the Consulting, Technology Group at Campden BRI and joined the organisation in January 2015.The Ingredient Section utilizes an extensive understanding of both ingredient science and technology to further develop the fundamental understanding of the interaction of ingredients, recipes and processes for the food and drink industries. Tiia is responsible for a variety of projects encompassing ingredient and process optimisation, characterisation and design within the ingredients sector. Tiia specialises in ingredient properties and processes of pulses and other plant proteins. Tiia’s areas of interest include the effect of processing on the techno-functional properties and nutritional value of ingredient and food products, and how to use plant-based ingredients to replace animal-based ingredients such as egg and milk proteins. She graduated from the University of Helsinki with an MSc in Food Science and is currently completing her PhD alongside her day job. Her thesis focuses on the anti-fungal properties of the faba bean in wheat bread.

Portrait Pic S.Renzetti.jpg

Stefano Renzetti, Senior Scientist, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Stefano Renzetti works as senior scientist and project leader at Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands). He holds a MSc in Food Science from the University of Bologna (Italy) and a PhD in Cereal Sciences from University College Cork (Ireland). His research activities focus on carbohydrates and proteins with applications related to topics of sugar and fat reduction, dietary fibre and protein enrichment in bakery and confectionary products. Stefano works on integrating food science with polymers science theories and on translating them into practical food applications.His research activities have helped industry in the development of new products with improved nutritional composition, as for instance sweet bakery products with no added sugars and with concomitant fibre enrichment. Stefano is recipient of the Harald Perten prize 2018 from ICC for his contribution to the furtherance of cereal science and technology towards practical applications.


Julian Mellentin, Director, New Nutrition Business

Julian Mellentin is the founder of New Nutrition Business, a consultancy providing strategy and science commercialisation insights in health and nutrition since 1995. His customers range from global players to start-ups. NNB is best-known for its annual 10 Key Trends in the Business of Food & Health.

Richard Charpentier.jpg

Richard Charpentier, CMB, Baking Innovation

Richard is a classically trained French baker, Certified Master Baker, holds a degree in Baking Science from KSU with a minor in Cereal Chemistry, a degree in Sales and Marketing from Benjamin Morel, France.  Richard spent years working in the industry in the retail bakeries, and for large CPG Brands where he held and led Research and Development positions.  Richard understands that quality and consistency are the key factors to staying relevant in the category and is now the owner and creator of Baking Innovation, a speed to market innovation company, Richard’s last position was as a Senior Director of R&D for Flowers Foods.  Richard is backed by a Brain Trust group with over 400+ years of experience at his disposal.  


Wageningen UR.jpg    NNB logog.jpg    from Campden BR.png    Baking Innovations.png


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