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Future of food innovation [On-demand webinar]

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This webinar showcases some of the most promising innovations within the F&B industry. Join our guest startups and experts to discuss what the future of food innovation looks like. Watch it free here.


Beyond the immediate concerns related to Covid-19, the F&B industry still faces many challenges related to the sourcing of ingredients, sustainable production processes and the need to offer healthy diets to a global population that is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050.[1] 2020 may therefore offer an opportunity for a greater shift towards utilising more sustainable processes and developing new ingredients. For many years, startups have been the leaders in food innovation, and it seems that the ‘new normal’ will prove to be no different.

Many of the solutions that are needed to overcome some of the biggest challenges faced by the F&B industry, originate from startups. New ingredients contributing to digestive, cognitive, immune or physical health are in the spotlight due to increased consumer demand. Natural and/or sustainable processes, as well as new technologies that can help advance the food and beverage industry by improving food safety, quality, and traceability are in demand.

Join our guest startups and experts to discuss what the future of food innovation looks like. Showcasing some of the most promising innovations within the F&B industry, this webinar presents some exciting startups focusing on:

  • Food and beverage ingredients / additives enhancing taste & texture
  • Alternative food and beverage ingredients / additives
  • Healthy food and beverage ingredients / additives
  • Processes, technologies and services supporting F&B




Angelique Cachia, Content & Digital Director, Fi Global


Photo Sandra Einerhand.jpg

Sandra Einerhand, Fellow at Presans and Founder of Einerhand Science & Innovation BV.

Dr Einerhand runs a nutrition consultancy providing strategic and innovative solutions to infant formula, medical foods and other food (ingredient) companies. She also is a partner of Nutrition Consultants Cooperative (NCC) and works on a freelance basis for Presans, a Paris-based service provider in high-end open innovation. Before 2015, she worked as Scientific Program Director for Danone Nutricia, and as Nutrition and Health Director for Tate & Lyle Ingredients and Lipid Nutrition leading R&I programs to bring new natural ingredients, prebiotics, probiotics, sweeteners, lipids, infant formulas and (medical) food products to the market with scientifically proven health benefits yielding several patents. 

Eike Kieras - photo.jpg

Eike Kieras, Co-Founder at KitchenTown Berlin

In 2018 Eike Kieras founded KitchenTown Berlin together with Lukas Neuß. As co-founder he is dedicating all his professional attention to startups, venture building and food innovation. Earlier, Eike used to work as strategic consultant for the Bahlsen Group. 

Aline de Santa Izabel photo.jpg

Aline de Santa Izabel, Founder YOGUT ME & Synbiotic Kitchen 

Aline de Santa Izabel is a microbiologist, bioengineer, and food-tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in product development and innovation. She is a leading voice within personalized nutrition and gut health in Sweden. As the founder of YOGUT ME, an award-winning, science-based startup pioneering personalised nutrition in the Nordics, she combined her passions for food innovation, microbiome science, impact, and sustainability. She has also founded Synbiotic Kitchen, an educational platform which uses fermentation as a tool to promote knowledge about gut health and the microbiome. 

Daniel Protz.jpg

Daniel Protz, Founder & CEO FlavorWiki 

Daniel Protz is the Founder & CEO of FlavorWiki, a digital company that is revolutionising the way the food industry collects, analyses and interacts with consumer, sales and R&D related data.  The FlavorWiki Platform combines advanced data and machine learning techniques with easy-to-use features that facilitate digital communication with consumers, colleagues and suppliers around the world.  The company counts major CPG and Ingredient Companies amongst its clients, and conducts research around the world in more than 14 languages.  Daniel started his career in computer driven commodity trading before moving into the eCommerce and digital industries.  He earned a BA in Political Science from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University.  

Gideon Lapidoth.png

Gideon Lapidoth, CEO and co-founder at Enzymit 

Gideon is the CEO of Enzymit, a synthetic biology startup company developing a new platform combining computational methods with a novel in-house high-throughput screening method for designing novel enzymes and improving existing ones. Gideon earned his PhD in computational protein design from the Weizmann institute of science under the supervision of prof. Sarel Fleishman where he developed computational algorithms for building novel antibodies and enzymes with high accuracy and activity. His belief that the technology has matured to a state where it can produce real-world value has led him to start Enzymit. 


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