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Startup Innovation Challenge

Interview with Better Nature - Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2019

Video-Interview with Better Nature - Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2019

Watch the interview with Better Nature, winner of Most Innovative Plant- or Cereal-based Food or Beverage Ingredient category in the Fi Global Startup Innovation Challenge 2019.

Better Nature is the world’s first food-tech company focused on tempeh fermentation and innovation.

By applying a modern scientific lens to the ancient process, they are developing proprietary methods and non-GMO fermentation cultures to enhance the nutritional and sensory qualities of their tempeh to make the most nutritious and delicious tempeh-based meat alternatives such as burgers, bacon, and mince.

By using tempeh, they believe they can make wholefood plant-based meat alternatives that are not only high in protein, but also completely free from any artificial or ultra-processed ingredients, all to fulfil their simple mission: to create foods that are better for people, the planet, and animals.

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