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Startup Innovation Challenge

Startup Innovation Challenge 2021 finalist pitch: Sophie’s BioNutrients [On-demand pitch]

Video-Startup Innovation Challenge 2021 finalist pitch: Sophie’s BioNutrients [On-demand pitch]

Sophie's BioNutrients is developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae.

Category winners: Most Innovative Plant-Based or Alternative Ingredient

In 2019, the parliament of a tiny but innovative city state, Singapore, passed a resolution to have 30% of food consumed domestically, produced locally by 2030. This is a very ambitious target.

Among the new technologies to grow food, cell-based (or cultured) meat, seafood, and even plants make up the set of technologies that received most of the funding recently. However, there is still a lot of R&D work for these technologies to be commercialized. Microbe fermentation, on the other hand, is more economical and available for immediate deployment. And among all the microbes we can use for food production purposes, microalgae really are superior when it comes to nutrition. They meet all of the nutritional needs for human beings to lead healthy lives. On top of that, many strains can grown in sea water which will substantially help alleviate the freshwater supply issues.

Watch Sophie's BioNutrients' pitch from Fi Europe 2021, co-located with Hi Europe to learn more about how this startup is unlocking macro-nutrients at the micro-level. 



Eugene Wang, CEO & Co-Founder

Eugene Wang grew up immersed in the vegetarian food business. Since 2010, his vision for launching Sophie’s Kitchen, the first Plant-Based Seafood Alternative, has manifested into a viable category innovation lauded by the press and social media thought leaders. Sophie’s Kitchen had won numerous recognitions from companies like PepsiCo and Chipotle. In 2019, Eugene took the alternative protein to the microorganism level and started another new venture in Singapore, Sophie’s BioNutrients Pte Ltd. He won the grand prize of $1 million SGD at The Liveabilty Challenge 2019 with this new project and started his first protein fermentation facility in Singapore.