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Brexit update: EU Exit's impact on the trade of foods between the UK and EU

Video-Brexit update: EU Exit's impact on the trade of foods between the UK and EU

On 1 April 2021, GB’s new entry controls on imports came into force. Expert regulatory consultant, Sam Jennings highlighted the divergence in laws and regulations applying in GB, the UK and EU, discussed the key impacts of these controls and provided practical guidance on documentary requirements for F&B businesses on both sides of the border.


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Sam Jennings, Director, Berry Ottaway & Associates Ltd

Sam Jennings has been working with Berry Ottaway & Associates Ltd since 2001. She provides advice to industry and governments globally on scientific, technical and regulatory aspects of food, particularly supplements, functional foods (e.g. weight control products, sports products etc) and their ingredients. Sam is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) in the UK and Chair of the IFST Food Regulatory Steering Group. She is Chair of the UK Government’s Office for Product Safety and Standards Business Expert (Food Standards & Labelling) Group and advises the Council for Responsible Nutrition UK on technical and regulatory matters.