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Cultivating diversity and inclusion: Company case study interview with Anja Leissner [On-demand webinar]

Join us for this interview with Anja Leissner, Founder and Head of R&D at Stockeld Dreamery, as we learn more about her approach to mentorship and how they manage to nurture their open and inclusive company culture.

Anja, together with Sorosh Tavakoli, founded Stockeld Dreamery in early 2019 (formerly Noquo Foods) to reinvent food, starting with plant-based cheese. Their company is now 26 people strong, and launched its first product, Chunk, in May 2021 with more products coming.  


Anja Leissner.jpg

Anja Leissner, Founder and Head of R&D, Stockeld Dreamery

Anja Leissner comes from a food loving family with a background in biotechnology, food science, microbiology and nutrition. She has diverse expertise, thanks to her specialty in dairy technology and processing, plant oil and flavouring solutions (Skånemejerier, AAK, BBA), as well as her engagement at Lund University (LTH). A deep-dive into the world of plant proteins resulted in the foundation of Stockeld Dreamery (then: Noquo Foods) in early 2019. The company is now 24 people strong and launched its first product, Chunk, in May 2021, with more products coming. Anja is a mentor to other startups, a passionate kombucha drinker and fermentation promoter, with a limitless belief in human potential.

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