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Plant-based: The canvas for innovation [On-demand webinar]

Video-Plant-based: The canvas for innovation [On-demand webinar]

With personal health and global sustainability proving to be strong drivers of consumer choice, plant-based R&D has refocused from mimicking meat, fish and dairy, to optimising options that stand on their own merits. In this on-demand webinar, Lu Ann Williams, Global Insights Director of Innova Market Insights elaborates on the evolution of plant-based options in the food and beverage industry.



Lu Ann Williams - Global Insights Director, Innova Market Insights

Lu Ann Williams is co-founder and Global Insights Director at Innova Market Insights, a global market research firm headquartered in The Netherlands. An expert on trends driving the food and beverage industry, she is a frequent speaker at industry events. Thirty years of global experience, data analysis and trendspotting give her a unique foundation for insights into what’s coming next in the industry in every region of the world.