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Plant-based foods in Europe: How is the market developing [On-demand webinar]

Video-Plant-based foods in Europe: How is the market developing [On-demand webinar]

In this free on-demand presentation, Kai-Brit Bechtold, Senior Consumer Research Scientist at ProVeg International provides some valuable insights into the development of the plant-based foods market in Europe.

With the first and only report of its kind published recently by the Smart Protein project, Nielsen data reports that plant-based consumption is growing at record levels across Europe. Produced in partnership with ProVeg International, the project analysed previously unseen Nielsen data in order to gain unprecedented insight into European consumer habits. The report scanned supermarket data from 11 European countries over the past three years, and represents the biggest and most accurate overview of plant-based consumer habits in Europe to date. 


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Kai-Brit Bechtold - Senior Consumer Research Scientist, ProVeg International 

Dr Kai-Brit Bechtold is a Senior Consumer Research Scientist at ProVeg and a lecturer with extensive expertise on developments, trends, and data in the food sector. Before holding positions on agency side for Nielsen and then on industry side for Upfield (formerly Unilever), she worked as Scientific Researcher (PhD and Postdoc) at the Department of Food Economics and Consumption Studies at the University of Kiel and investigated consumers‘ preferences and willingness-to-pay for innovative food products. Her passion for sustainable food and her knowledge of insights into consumer trends and behaviour, position her as a true food industry expert.