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Evolving Clean Label expectations [On-demand webinar]

Article-Evolving Clean Label expectations [On-demand webinar]

This webinar provides current key insights into the evolution of the clean label trend. Join us to learn more about the type of clean label information that resonates most with today’s consumers. Watch it for free here.


The meaning and relevance for consumers of clean label is in a continuous state of evolution. Yet, consumers’ expectations, interests and perceptions of what clean label entails, play a major role in defining what manufacturers should be focusing on in (new) product development.

Consumers seem more likely than ever to scrutinise ingredients labels, and research shows that 1 out of 6 customers mention that the ingredients tend to influence their purchasing decisions.[1] Simplicity, as well as more natural and recognisable ingredients, have become most closely associated with the clean label concept. However, recently it seems the idea of clean label has evolved to also encompass the idea of sustainable sourcing and provenance.

An EU-wide survey shows that two-thirds of consumers are open to changing their eating habits for the environment, although limited choices of sustainable options are also being cited as one of the barriers to doing so.[2] In this respect, storytelling has become another major influencer on consumers’ purchasing decisions with 56% of global consumers agreeing,[3] that their preference is to support brands that can produce products with a ‘clean conscience’.

Clean label is also evolving as a result of the growing focus on healthy and nutritious food and beverages to include more consumer focus on on-pack information about nutritional profiles or functional benefits. As a result, many manufacturers are embracing the Nutri-Score label or other certifications in order to satisfy consumers’ demand for more information about the health benefits of the food they buy.[4]   

During this webinar our expert panellists discuss some of the key trends and developments related to clean label. Join us as we deep-dive into how brands can meet consumers’ growing need for trust and transparency about how their food is produced as well as what it contains.



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Kinga Wójcicka-Świderska, Senior Content Producer, Fi Global

Kinga links in her work best solutions and science to food business through content creation for the biggest B2B exhibitions -Fi Europe and Fi North America. She is an experienced manager and a food expert. Throughout her career she has managed wide range of projects in the field of food sciences from product design to establishing strategic partnerships for R&D. She is also a food law expert, having managed for many years, association of food supplements producers and being part of formulating opinions in regulatory consultation process on national and EU level.



Rachel Cheatham, Founder & CEO, Foodscape Group

Dr. Rachel Cheatham is Founder & CEO of Foodscape Group, LLC, a nutrition strategy consultancy based in Chicago, IL, USA. Serving as a navigation partner, Rachel helps companies and brands successfully conceptualize & position healthier foods and beveragesin the global marketplace. Rachel holds a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry from Tufts University, where she is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Food Marketing. She has been a commercial TV producer, Director at the International Food Information Council, and Senior Vice President at the global public relations firm Weber Shandwick. She is a Professional Member of the Institute of Food Technologists and a member of both the American Society of Nutrition and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is active on LinkedIn as well as blogging at Foodscape Finds.

Rob Wilson Headshot.jpg

Rob Wilson, Managing Director and Partner, L.E.K. Consulting

Rob is a Managing Director and Partner at L.E.K. Consulting, based out of Chicago. He leads the Food & Beverage practice of L.E.K. Consulting in North America. Rob is a regular speaker at industry conferences, white paper author, and is regularly quoted & published by the media. Rob received his Master of Business Administration with Honours from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with honours, and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering, Cum Laude from theUniversity of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Emma Schofield.jpg

Emma Schofield, Senior Analyst -Global Food Science, Mintel

Emma brings a wealth of food technical and development knowledge from her decade long career in the food industry. Prior to joining Mintel, Emma worked as a Food Technologist for a major UK retailer, taking ownership for product quality, nutrition, safety, legality, and ensuring compliance with internal brand standards. Emma has also held the position of NPD Manager in the food to go division of a leading international convenience foods manufacturer, working closely with customers and suppliers to deliver market leading and commercially successful product ranges.

Emma’s role at Mintel covers general nutrition, health and wellness, ingredients and additives, and food labelling and regulatory developments that may impact NPD. Emma prepares strategic insight and analysis that answers clients' questions on topics such as sugar reduction, clean label, and plant-based dieting, that helps clients to drive their NPD pipelines forward and create a competitive advantage.

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[1] Fi Europe 2019, Luke Orphanides, Nailbiter, ‘How shoppers think about clean label & better-for-you foods by Nailbiter.ppt’